Dr. Dennis Wells – February 17th, 2017

Cosmetic Dentist: Thinking In Minimums In Order To Achieve Maximum Results

dr-dennis-wellsSince the invention of the porcelain veneer, cases have been done with little or no preparation of the teeth. Though many of these cases miss the mark of current cosmetic standards, there are many obvious advantages to not preparing on the teeth which still hold true today. Many consider prepless dentistry to be inherently bulky and detectable, but this lecture will show that is simply not the case. Important considerations will be explored for case selection and exact techniques will be discussed that have proven effective in achieving predictable success with absolutely no preparation on the teeth.
We will also demonstrate the advantages of using custom composite prototypes as a blueprint for smile design and show how post-cementation polishing can aid in creating undetectable results.

Learning objectives:

  • To grasp the concepts and techniques of prepless veneers and to become excited about the endless possibilities.
  • To learn which cases are ideal for prepless dentistry and which ones are not.
  • To learn techniques and materials necessary to accomplish optimal results with prepless dentistry.
  • To explore the key components of tooth shaping and contouring in composite prototypes to create results that emulate natural beauty.


Smile Designs by Rego – Santa Fe Springs, California

Topic: Prepless Veneers: A ceramist’s perspective

nelson-regoThe trend towards less invasive dentistry and the patient’s ability to easily access information via the internet has led to a surge in interest towards a more holistic approach to esthetics. The ability to create natural looking restorations without removing any tooth structure is an exciting possibility on more patients than one realizes.

Learning objectives

  • How to communicate with your ceramist no matter where they are
  • Material updates for all restorative cases
  • Using diagnostic discovery wax ups to identify potential prep-less cases



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